Model Behavior: How To Look Taller In Photos

Short Fashion Model

Photo Credit: Instagram/@ayeshiaa

Whether you have model aspirations or just want to slay Instagram, we all want to stand out. And, even though we can’t help you physically grow taller, we can teach you how to fake a few inches on photo without working heels.

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As a short model advocate, I know all about finding ways to appear as if I’m as tall as “standard” models. I’ve learned looking taller is all about position and posture. Looking through my portfolio you’d never believe I’m only 5’2″ and can pose it up with the best of them. Click through to witness the magic and see you how can, too.

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About The Author


I’m an advocate for short models breaking into the entertainment and fashion industry. During the past five years I've spent time honing my craft as an up-and-coming commercial and high-fashion model, working with industry professionals in natural hair and beauty.