Hype Chat: Avery*Sunshine On Her Love Story With Hair and New Album, ‘Twenty Sixty Four’


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Singer Avery*Sunshine has been wooing us with her deep, soulful vocals and #cutlife slay since she first hit the scene. Her buzzed, colored and etched hair moments have inspired countless big chops. And, her vocal chops, along with her vibrant presence, have made her “your favorite singer’s favorite singer.”

We caught up with the soul singer to talk about both – including her new album Twenty Sixty Four – dig into her craziest hair moments and find out her one must-have for a good hair day.

Hype Hair: What inspired the title for your new album, Twenty Sixty Four?
Avery*Sunshine: My husband [Dana Johnson] and I were both married once before and we both vowed we would never get married again. Well, about a year or so ago — I guess we didn’t really mean it — he said we’re going to get married. At the moment he said that to me, I always say I saw rainbows and care bears and butterflies. My whole everything changed. I prayed to God to give me to 2064 with this amazing man, I’ll be 89 and he’ll be 91. All I need is until 2064.

HH: So, it’s like a love story between you two?
AS: Yes! On the album there’s the Twenty Sixty Four song and there’s The Ice Cream Song, because at 89 and 91 all you’ll be able to eat is ice cream! [Laughs] We’ve got another one called Used Car. It’s all about the marriage and divorce person. Ain’t nothing wrong with somebody who’s been around the block a time or two. Twenty Sixty Four really marks an amazing place in my life and in Dana’s life where, although we said we would never do it again, we cannot underestimate how amazing God is or underestimate God’s plan for our lives by saying never.

Avery*Sunshine X Twenty Sixty Four

Photo Credit: Derek Blanks

HH: You also have given us an amazing love story with your hair over the years. What first inspired the chop?
AS: I was in college. When I got to Spelman, my hair was permed. I was doing the Halle Berry thing. After I realized this takes a long time to do and making sure it’s laid down, I went to this guy that I was dating. He was like, ‘Look, you can come to my dorm room and I’ll cut your hair.’ That’s how I got my first cut — at Morehouse College in the boys’ dorms.

HH: Who’s behind your current colored ‘do?
AS: I actually have been going to the same hair stylist for I don’t know how many years. Her name is Krystia Stokes of KDS Hair Salon in Atlanta. She’s the only person I let color my hair. She’s a master stylist and colorist. I don’t want my hair to turn to dust, so I have to take good care of it. My mother is a retired beautician who had her own salon, so I don’t play with my hair.

HH: Tell us about your hair regimen.
AS: Mainly 99% of it is wash and go. I’m always trying to figure out what I can do when I’m traveling so I don’t have a whole bunch of juices in my bag to explode. I use whatever shampoo I can find. But If i could take that one thing, it’s Mixed Chicks [leave-in conditioner]. I met them at an event that Terry Crews’ wife, Rebecca Crews, had last year. I tried it and now I can’t use anything but that! I can comb through it and just go and it’s curly. It’s amazing.

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