This Makeup Cloth Really Removed My Makeup With Just Water

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I love attending beauty shows for the all amazing goodies I get to try out and the International Beauty Show as no exception. I overheard a woman talking about The Original Makeup Eraser Remover ($20) and was immediately intrigued.

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I usually don’t like to try out new makeup removers, but once I learned all I had to do was wet and wipe a cloth to remove makeup, I had to test it out. How could just water and a towel really remove all of my makeup? I was not disappointed.

Tatayana Yomary

Half On, Half Off // Photo Credit: Tatayana Yomary

Normally, I’m left with product on my skin, but this product was the real deal. Once I rubbed a section of the soft polyester-blend cloth across my skin, my makeup was gone and I didn’t have to scrub extra hard. Not only did it get rid of my makeup, the long nap side of the eraser exfoliated my skin leaving me with a smooth finish. After a good wipe down, I just sprayed my face with tea tree toner and the rest is history.

Since the cloth is large, I was able to get about eight to 10 uses out of it before popping it in the wash. Game changing!

I’ve been using the cloth for about a week now and my face feels much softer and even has a brighter glow. And, I don’t have to worry about makeup stained bed sheets on those lazy nights. The Original Makeup Eraser has just earned a new fan.

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