Asian Beauty Supply Owner Kicks & Chokes Black Woman For Allegedly Stealing Eyelashes

Sung Ho Lim

Videos of an Asian beauty supply store owner assaulting a Black woman for allegedly stealing eyelashes has gone viral and people are (rightfully) pissed. The outrageous clips show Sung Ho Lim in a verbal confrontation with the woman where where she denies stealing anything from Missha Hair Supply store in North Carolina.

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Then mayhem ensues. He and a female worker basically tag team her. Go pushes her, kicks her and brings her down to the ground in a chokehold while the other worker holds her arm, effectively rendering her helpless.

You can hear her gasping for air as she says “I can’t breathe. Check my bag. I don’t have anything.”

When he and the other worker finally stopped assaulting the woman, they checked her purse and belongings and did not find any eyelashes or other stolen property on her. So, this woman was almost choked out for a $2.99 strip of eyelashes? Wow.

Before you press play, brace yourself. It’s worse than you think it is.

Video #1

Video #2

Sung has not yet been arrested or charged with any crime. The NAACP has joined in the conversation, first addressing the store owner to request a public apology to the woman and community — which he has so far refused. The community-at-large is now calling for a boycott until justice is served.


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