Know Your Follicle Status: How A Hair & Scalp Analysis Can Help Restore Your Edges

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With our ever increasing use of weaves, extensions and hair color, our tresses are starting to pay a heavy price. Many of us are now experiencing thinning edges and hair loss due to too tight hairstyles and chemical over processing. Add that to the number women who are also suffering due to medical conditions and lack of proper hair care and we’ve got a hair epidemic!  Unfortunately, instead of treating the underlying conditions, far too many of us simply try to cover the problem with more weaves and extensions. This results in an endless cycle of hair damage that can quickly go from bad to worse.

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Licensed cosmetologist and certified trichologist DeShawn Bullard, aka the “Hair Coach”, is on a mission to help women who are suffering in silence to regain their confidence and regrow their hair. She opened up her NouriTress Salon & Hair Clinic to help treat underlying hair and scalp issues and created NouriTress hair products to provide supplements and hair care system that help treat and nourish hair from the inside out. She has also teamed with Razor Chic of Atlanta to present an hands on education tour teaching stylists cutting techniques to camouflage hair loss and how to treat it.

Here, we chat with the hair expert about the first step in addressing hair loss — a scalp and hair analysis — and why we all should get one.

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