Cover Story: Beauty Vloggers GlamTwinz Share Their Secret To Long, Healthy Hair And Taking Social Media By Storm

GlamTwinz x Geeno Mizelli

Photo Credit: Geeno Mizelli

Kelsey and Kendra, a.k.a. the GlamTwinz, have taken social media by storm. Their YouTube channel is more popular than ever, with well over a half million subscribers and nearly 50 million views. They offer a plethora of beauty advice on how to slay, especially in the hair department!  As the first-ever beauty vloggers to cover Hype Hair, we chatted with these lovely ladies to find out what they had to share about hair…and then some!

Hype Hair: It’s so much fun to watch the two of you getting glam online. When did you first discover your love for hair and beauty, and did you always have a natural knack for it?
Kelsey: Thanks! Yes, we’ve always been intrigued by anything beauty. God has given us a creative eye for hair, fashion and beauty—and it does come with ease. Growing up, we’d sneak and play around with makeup with our older cousin Kia and have been hooked ever since! I specifically remember Kendra and I styling our hair for the first time around the age of 10. We showed our mom, and she said it looked so good that she gave us her permission to begin doing our own hair from that day forward!

HH: You’re now on tour promoting your new book. Tell us more about it and what inspired you to write it?
Kelsey & Kendra: Our book—The GlamTwinz Guide to Longer, Healthier Hair—is doing extremely well; it was a #1 new release and a best seller on Amazon. Our amazing followers inspired us! We wanted people to see our “true hair journey” and to create a guide that was different from the norm and something others could relate to. What better way to do this than by sharing our own personal stories? Our book captures that girlfriend-to-girlfriend tone, that lets readers feel that we’re speaking directly to them.

HH: Your ‘true hair journey’ — going from relaxed to natural hair — has been amazing! How was the process?
Kendra: At first, it was very awkward and difficult—we had to learn to deal with our hair in its natural state. But once we got through the initial phase and found our curl patterns, there was no turning back!

HH: Now that you’ve gone through the journey, what are some tips our readers should consider for a smooth transition from relaxed to natural hair? What worked best for you?
Kendra: Keep it moisturized and be committed! And, have a consistent routine — your hair will respond better.

HH: Not everyone who’s gone natural manages to achieve such incredibly healthy and long hair. What’s your secret to achieving and maintaining length?
Kendra: The keys for us have been no-heat summers, deep-conditioning, and trimming at least two to three times a year!

HH: For our sisters with relaxers: Can you share your thoughts on keeping chemically treated hair healthy and breakage-free?
Kelsey: Be sure to trim the ends and deep-condition on a regular basis.

HH: How would you describe each other and what is it like working with your twin?
Kelsey: I would describe Kendra as classy and real.
Kendra: I would describe Kelsey as funny and blunt…with no filter.
Kelsey & Kendra: We have lots of fun and love working together. Of course we get on each other’s nerves sometimes, but when it’s time to work, it’s time to work—all is forgotten. We know we have to get it done.

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