[Close-Up] Alicia Keys Serves Up Curl Envy For ‘Glamour’

Photo Credit: Carter Smith

Alicia Keys continues to push through with her all-natural look on the March 2017 cover for Glamour magazine. Lensed by Carter Smith, the multi-talented songstress rocks her curly tresses and no-makeup face for the glossy!

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Inside the mag, the beauty opens up about her activism work under former President Obama’s administration, female empowerment, motherhood and more.

Photo Credit: Carter Smith

I love being a mom. And I think what I love the most is the way it makes me think about what’s important and what’s not important. What to fight for and what to just be cool with. What it is that I’m teaching through example and what it is that I was taught that I don’t want to teach. You can be very fulfilled as a mother, but that can’t be the only way you are fulfilled. What about being a woman? What about being yourself? Your awareness of what’s happening in the world? It lives altogether in a way that makes a whole. I guess I’d say I’m the wholest I’ve ever been.

Check out the rest of Alicia Keys’ cover story when it hits newsstands later this month!

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