5 Ways To Save Your Hair From Hard Water Damage

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While water and moisture are our best friend when it comes to healthy hair, hard water can wreak major havoc on our tresses. Its high mineral deposits, including calcium and magnesium, combine with our hair’s natural oils to create build up and leave it dull, dry and filmy. The build-up also keeps shampoos from lathering and conditioners from penetrating hair. So, all that co-washing and conditioning won’t help hair at all. In fact, it may even seem to make it worse. Ugh!

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All this, ultimately, leads to damaged, tangled and breaking hair. The problem is, most of us have hard water in our homes. So unless you only get your hair washed at your salon, it’s rather hard to not have experienced its ill effects. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t beat it! Here’s a quick list of five ways to save your hair from the damaging effects of hard water and get back on the road to shinier, healthier hair.

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