‘Voice’ Contestant Sa’Rayah Talks Living Out Her Music Dreams, Shares Secret To Finding The Perfect Wig


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HH: How is your hair underneath the wigs?
Literally, all braids. My hair is all natural.

HH: What were you rocking before the wigs?
Sa’Rayah: I was wearing my natural hair out. I would do a twist out. I would go to the couple that owns the Love Kinky Hair salon who would take care of my natural hair. But, I wouldn’t wear the double stranded twists. I did that specifically for the purpose of getting the curl pattern that I wanted. So, I would do a twist out, unravel it, poof it out some and sometimes pin it back into a mohawk.

The color I was wearing at that time was honey blonde. Color is an accessory. The great thing when you have such a popping color, you don’t have to work hard to get a standout hairstyle.

HH: How do you keep your natural hair healthy?
Sa’Rayah: I don’t have a major hair routine. I do full wigs, so I don’t use a lot of products. I use a natural oil that I purchase from a friend who owns a natural hair shop. That’s usually what I oil my scalp with it. There’s not a name for it, but the shop is called Love Kinky Hair. They actually make the the oil from the scratch. I believe olive oil is the base.

HH: Any other products?
Sa’Rayah: I also tend to use Suave and Pantene Pro V.

HH: What’s your secret to finding the perfect wig?
Sa’Rayah: I have to try it on! When you are searching for wigs, they look a lot different on the mannequins. The hair often looks a lot fuller, styled and then when you put it on you, it’s an entirely different look. So, I have to be hands on. But, when you put it on, you know when it’s one. When you can’t stop looking in the mirror. Now you have to get the mirror and check the back and how it’s flowing. And when all of that is right, then you just know!

HH: We’ve learned that wigs can wear on edges. How do you keep yours in tact?
I wear a stocking cap. I also like the wigs that have the combs. Depending on how your hair is braided, you can pin the wig under your stocking cap without ripping your edges. But if you put the combs into your hair and you feel like a slight tension or pain, it’s most likely because you are about to pull your edges and you need to stop. There shouldn’t be tension [or] or soreness.

HH: How would you describe your style?
Sa’Rayah: Fierce, but classy.

HH: After working with Alicia, are you for a full beat or fresh face?
Sa’Rayah: Full beat face, honey! I’m not against a natural face — there’s a time and place for everything. It’s not that I can’t do without, but I would prefer to have it. The one thing that I admire about my coach Alicia is the stance that she’s taken with the #nomakeup campaign. She is a lot more free than a lot of us who feel the need to wear the makeup. But, I’m a girly girl and love to get glam!

Sa’Rayah’s ‘Dream Come True Live’ show takes place Thursday, January 12. For more info, visit sarayahofficial.com.

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