‘Voice’ Contestant Sa’Rayah Talks Living Out Her Music Dreams, Shares Secret To Finding The Perfect Wig

Sa'RayahVoice finalist Sa’Rayah is ready to claim her spot in the limelight. The vocal powerhouse first wowed us on Season 11 of the competition, under the direction of first Miley Cyrus and then Alicia Keys. Her stunning performances moved fans and charted number one not once, but twice, on the iTunes Blues chart.

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Though she didn’t take home the top prize, the Chicago-native captured our hearts with her big voice and even bigger hair. We caught up with the rising star to talk about her now signature ‘do, the one hair product she can’t live without and what to expect next. She even shared how she picks the perfect wig! 

– Stephenetta (isis) Harmon

Hype Hair: We were so sad to see you go on Voice – but now you’re bringing those talents back to your hometown with ‘A Dream Come True’. What should fans expect?
Sa’Rayah: [‘A Dream Come True’] is introducing the new direction of my career. On the Voice, I mostly did classic songs by classic divas like Aretha Franklin, Chaka Khan, Etta James. That’s all stuff that I love — soul music. But, I’m also introducing new songs in the direction that I am headed in, which is more of a pop, rock, soul type of vibe.

HH: So, you’ll also be performing some original music, as well?
Sa’Rayah: Yes! We are also looking at, on the day of the concert, releasing a #LoveOnly anthem. 

HH: Can you share the inspiration behind the #LoveOnly movement?
Sa’Rayah: Naturally, I’ve always represented the idea of love, but what started the movement was when I won my knockout round against my battle partner. He had a huge following that really wanted him to make it and the backlash came on me. There were all sorts of hateful comments that I was hearing throughout the rest of the time until we went to the live playoffs. So my way of acting on it was to begin a movement that highlighted love because all of that stuff represented nothing but hate, nothing but ignorance.

HH: What advice would have you have for our readers who are faced with cyber bullying?
Sa’Rayah: You have to remember that none of this can make or break you as a person unless you allow it to. It’s about being confident in who you are and knowing that your response to things like that is what has the power to change lives and speak for you. So, if you want to piss somebody off, respond in a positive way to their negativity and do it publicly like they did. Use it as an opportunity to build something that they didn’t expect you to build. Be strengthened by those things that were intended to break you down.

HH: Let’s talk about this vibrant red hue we saw on the show.
Sa’Rayah: That has become my signature [look] – the color and the big hair. 

HH: Has this always been your go-to color?
Sa’Rayah: I was literally just trying out something. My mom had hair before that I wanted to try – it was half red and half dark brown, like the color 4. And, I liked it enough to keep it. I thought ‘The next time, I want to do all red.’ I just loved the look of that. It just had to get bigger and fuller and just all red next time.

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