Would You Spend $200 On A Hair Brush?

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Photo Credit: Phillip Tracy

The world’s first-ever smart brush designed to analyze the status of your hair’s health is coming soon. The Hair Coach comes equipped with hundreds of tiny sensors and a microphone to capture information on various details of your hair, including dryness, split ends, breakage and tangling. That data is then sent to an app to provide a customized hair analysis. It even tracks your brushing habits, including brush strokes and how often you brush your hair.

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Honestly, the idea of a brush recording our every mane move kind of creeps us out. Do you really want tangible proof that you’re not taking time to section your hair to properly detangle it? But don’t let us sway you as we are admittedly curious.

The paddle brush runs on two AA batteries that are supposed to last for 6 months and retails for a whopping $200. Considering all the technology, the app and the paddle brush, itself being made of boar, nylon and plastic bristles that might not be such a bad investment.

Would you be willing to shell out that much cash on a brush? Why or why not? Sound off below in the comments and let us know!

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