Shut Down Hair Bullies With These Curly Girl Clapbacks

Girl by herself in cafeteria - bully

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Being natural isn’t always easy. After finally figuring out how your curls work (or still struggling), many of us have to deal with being bullied by those who just don’t get textured tresses. And it sucks. Whether at school, online or in real life, bullies seem to be everywhere finding everything they can to put down your naturally glorious crown. We hear such things as our coils are too wild to be tamed or that our kinky afros are unkempt. Not true!

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But, how do we shut down these keyboard warriors and hallway lurkers so we can celebrate our best selves?‘s senior writer Gerilyn Hayes recently shared her own tips for breaking down hair bullies. Click through for some of her best curly girl clapbacks from her grammar school days to now that have helped her along her natural hair journey. 

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