Hype Chat: Kim Kimble Talks ‘L.A. Hair’ And The One Hair Resolution Every Girl Should Have

Kim Kimble

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Kim Kimble never ceases to inspire. After giving us our sleek hair lives with her latest product launch and delivering a who’s who list of celeb slay after slay, Beyoncé’s longtime stylist is set to take us on a hair raising experience in the latest season of her WEtv reality show L.A. Hair.

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Premiering tonight (Jan. 5), we’re going to see a whole new cast (including Patti Pie Guy James Wright) and a whole new side of her hairmajesty with behind the scenes access to her LA-based salon, clientele and rising Kimpire. We recently caught up with the powerhouse stylist to talk about the show’s shakeup, her natural hair journey and the one resolution every girl should have.

Hype Hair: You cast a completely new styling team for the season. What inspired the shakeup?
Kim Kimble: Did you see the last season?! [laughs] Honestly, sometimes you have to shake things up. In business, it’s all about doing what’s best for the business. It’s not personal. Everybody has thoughts about what they want to do and how they want to grow Sometimes we don’t see eye to eye. That’s life.

HH: We know you’ll be watching (and tweeting) right along with us. What are you looking forward to most?
KK: The fans meeting the new staff and seeing what they think about the new stylists. And, a new family member who is going to be on the show which I’m excited about. They see the celebrities, they see the business and the entrepreneurship that goes on – and now the get to see little bit of a personal side of Kim Kimble. And, of course, the drama continues! The new characters are something else!

HH: Speaking of change, with the New Year many of us are making new hair resolutions. What one thing should we all be working toward?
KK: Healthy, shiny nice-looking hair. You can’t have really healthy hair without style and you can’t have style without healthy hair.

HH: That’s easier said than done! What are some things we can do to achieve that in 2017?
KK: Keeping it conditioned and hydrated. Hydration key is for natural hair. You can’t let it get dry. Keeping ends trimmed, of course. And [paying attention to] what you eat internally. You got to have a great diet. I have these biotin [vitamin] gummies that we just developed, so I am going to be taking those to help enhance my diet, eating the proper foods and taking good care of it. Not slacking. You can’t slack on hair because it will fall apart on you.

HH: We’ve been following your natural hair journey so we know you have healthy hair — what are your personal hair resolutions?
KK: I’m really in love with my natural texture.My goal is to take my natural hair and grow it twice the length it is now. I look and follow a lot of these girls online and I see them growing their hair and how beautiful the natural hair looks when it grows.That’s what I want. That’s my hair goal. I don’t mind getting a little help though, I will put some clip-ins for instant gratification! 

HH: With the natural hair movement still booming, what would you like to see naturalists do more?
KK: I really want to see women that wear natural hair start to put time and effort into going to hairdresser to get it cut shaped and styled. To not just go natural and not have any style to it. Go to a stylist and get it cut and conditioned. Natural hair doesn’t mean ‘Oh, I can just do my own hair for the rest of my life’. No, you still need to have a person that is there to take you through this process, to consult with you. That’s what I do. I want them to say, ‘This is not just something to get me through the week, but this is a lifestyle that I’m committing to.’

“L.A. Hair” airs Thursdays at 9/8c on WEtv. 

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