4 Simple Tips To Moisturize High Porosity Hair

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We don’t always talk about hair porosity, but it’s an important aspect of properly caring for your hair type. Especially if you have high porosity hair. This type of hair typically suffers constant breakage due to dry or damaged tresses. 

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When it comes to this hair type, you can either be born with it or your hair may have been chemically or heat damaged to this degree. One of the easiest ways to tell if your hair is high porosity is to do a strand test. Take a clean strand of hair and place it in a full glass of water. If it sinks, you most likely have high porosity hair. 

If you do, it’s important to know that high porosity hair absorbs water quickly and becomes soft, flexible and easily manageable. However, because the hair cuticle is filled with gaps and holes, it loses it just as quickly. This leaves hair prone to frizzing and tangling in humid weather. Simple activities such as showering can make things worse generating more damage and breakage.

In order to get your tresses on track, you will need to give your hair much moisture as possible. While we know deep conditioning is key to giving your hair that extra TLC it needs, here are some other key tips to get your hair in formation.

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