REVIEW: Taliah Waajid’s Shea Coco Leave-In Conditioner Is My New Must-Have

Natural Leave-In conditionersBy now, most of us know the main key to healthy hair is moisture. The real questions are: How to get it? And, what products will last long as and live up to their hair moisture hype? On my own healthy hair journey, I’ve tried everything imaginable to hold my hair’s moisture – from the latest greatest product launch to homemade concoctions. But none have been as good to my hair as Taliah Waajid’s Shea Coco Leave-In Conditioner.

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When I was a part of the company’s promotional team, I studied her entire haircare line and loved that she lists all of the ingredients so you know exactly what you are putting in your hair. So, after getting a whiff of her sweet-smelling conditioner, I had to give it a try on my TWA. Lo and behold, this 97% natural leave-in spray was super lightweight and left my hair feeling smoother, shinier and stronger after about two weeks of use.

Whether you are transitioning or are a long time natural, I find this conditioner works best with clean, wet hair. For quick styles on tight curl textures, like mine, I saturate my damp tresses, then, section it into four to six parts and finger coil curls. For extra volume, I gently pull the curls apart after dry. At night, I tame my tresses with a satin bonnet. Come morning, revival is simple: Fluff and go!

What I liked most is the consistency. With each condition, my hair got more moisture without seeing much shrinkage. And, as a frugal friend, I babysat my new find to make it last for three months! But, at $9.99 a bottle, it’s still very budget-friendly. 

Note: The author was not paid or compensated by Taliah Waajid for this review.

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