5 Things Every Girl Should Do After The ‘Big Chop’

Asia Ayeshiaa Newman

Photo Credit: Instagram/@ptseventyeight // Model: Instagram/@ayeshiaa

The New Year often means a fresh start with a fresh new ‘do – especially big chops. Whether as a way to go natural or just because, big chops scream confidence, but you have to own it. When I started my natural journey, I went all in! Why? Because cutting off all the relaxed hair and leaving only my new beautiful growth helped me transition my hair from zero to 100% real quick.

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So, if you’re considering the big chop – or have already snipped away your tresses, here are five tips to help you embrace and care for your new look.

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I’m an advocate for short models breaking into the entertainment and fashion industry. During the past five years I've spent time honing my craft as an up-and-coming commercial and high-fashion model, working with industry professionals in natural hair and beauty.