[Close-Up] Draya Michele Gets ’80s Chic For ‘Galore’

draya michele x  galore

Photo Credit: Ben Duggan

Draya Michele is drop dead gorgeous in her latest spread for Galore Magazine. Lensed by Ben Duggan, the fashion designer embraces her inner diva as she poses it up in retro-chic pieces styled by Michael Mann, Stacy K. Marie and Tyler Jacob.

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She slays the ’80s era shoot with mohawks, high ponytails, soft tousled tresses and feathered cut tresses, styled by Tiger Bautista. For makeup, we see the beauty in bold lips, dramatic eyes and deep contours by Akasha Haze.

Photo Credit: Ben Duggan

Draya lets us know that although she was introduced to the world via reality television,she’s a woman that will not stop grinding until she has made it to the top. Inside the feature, the designer opens up about her clothing lines, her fashion inspirations and her next career move.

The three clothing lines I currently have are my swimsuit line which is called Mint Swim, I have an urban girl’s line called Fine Ass Girls, and I have a women’s clothing line called Beige and Cocoa that I just launched. They’re three completely different lines. They all have their own fan base. For Mint Swim and stuff, the girl is a summertime or adventurous type of girl, and we have a variety of sizes, so we cater to almost everyone. Fine Ass Girls is a very young brand so it’s for girls that are influenced by pop culture, influenced by social media, stuff like that. And then Beige and Cocoa is my more mature and sophisticated line for women, that’s the stuff I kind of moved into for myself so that’s why I created that.

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