Father Defends Daughter’s Cornrows From Mother’s Racist Rant

Nick Harris X Facebook

Photo Credit: Facebook/Nick Harris

Father Nick Harris is not about anyone judging his biracial daughter’s natural hair – especially her own mother. The barber took to Facebook to expose the woman’s racist rants against their daughter after seeing a picture of the little girl’s newly cornrowed hairstyle.

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The mother unleashes a tirade of racist and insulting comments against the girl, her blackness and her too “black” hairstyle. “It’s ugly,” she said. “My kid is more white in my eye not fully black so she don’t need that ugly hairstyle…”

The mother continued, accusing him of having the daughter’s hair pulled too tight and that she doesn’t have to love that side of her daughter.

“The natural curls. Nick, I don’t gotta embrace that side of her. This isn’t history class.”

Nick, of course, was confused as to why she didn’t like the style and challenged the mother and her expectations after having a biracial child.

“It’s crazy that you can’t accept the ‘black’ half of our child,” he said. “She’s not more white or more black. She’s mixed, a beautiful mixed baby whose hair looks great in many different styles. It truly amazes me that you hate half of your daughter.”

We’re amazed, too. We already know how tough it already is to embrace our hair (and our blackness) in a world that still tries to convince us our #blackgirlmagic isn’t real. I couldn’t even imagine having a mother doing the same thing. Hopefully, after seeing the responses, she will be challenged to change her views of her own child.

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