The Story Behind Erykah Badu’s Floor Length Pin Braids

Erykah Badu

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As much as we love Erykah Badu’s hat game, we’re still always in awe of how she rocks what’s underneath. From larger than life afros and baldies to faux locs and blonde spikes, she’s definitely earned her spot as a hair icon. As of late, she’s added another do to her arsenal: thousands of floor-length box braids.

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Led by hairstylist Yasmin Amira Davis, Erykah revealed in recent interview with the NY Times that it takes days to complete the full look, with each pin-sized braid taking about 8 to 15 minutes to plait all the way down.

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“I wanted [the braids] to be as thin as the lines on your hand,” she said.


Erykah Badu

Photo Credit: Andre D. Wagner for The New York Times

As with most protective styles, her ‘do needs regular love. Every two to four weeks, Yasmin and her assistant touch up the braids to keep them neat and fresh. They sometimes have up to five women braiding at once. While it helps speed up the process, the women also share a great energy.

“When we are all together, the rhythm — and we are all around, there’s incense … it just feels really good,” said Erykah. “I takes a village. A tribe. And it’s a sharing kind of thing.”


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