Hype Chat: Kimberly Elise Talks Stripped-Down Beauty Regimen & Making Her Own Hair Products

Kimberly Elise

Kimberly Elise has been wowing us on screen since her critically acclaimed debut in the 1996 classic Set It Off. Most recently, she stars in the hit VH1 series Hit the Floor and is back on the silver screen with an all-star ensemble cast for the holiday comedy Almost Christmas, which hits theatres this week.

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We caught up with the talented beauty to get her take on the film and get the scoop on all of her top hair and beauty secrets!

Hype Hair: Tell us about your character in the film.
Kimberly Elise: I play Cheryl, the oldest sister in this dysfunctional family. I’m a dentist and a miserably, unhappily married woman. The only reason Cheryl even came to the dinner was to honor her mother, whom she loved more than anything, and to support her dad’s dream of them all being together again.

HH: What was it like on set, working with the cast of Almost Christmas?
 Tremendous fun and laughter! We laughed non-stop every day. It’s by far my funniest working situation ever!

HH: What did you enjoy the most about portraying Cheryl?
KE: Getting to set up jokes for J.B. Smoove. My job was to set them up and he would knock them out of the park. Working with J.B. was a lot of fun and lots of laughs. I also loved working with David E. Talbert, who is a great leader, but also the ultimate collaborator. It’s a gift to work with someone who wants to allow everyone to use whatever gifts they have. He understands that is the very thing that makes great films: everyone bringing their great ideas and passion to a shared goal.

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