Cute! This Baby Has The Same White Streak Of Hair As The Last Three Generations In Her Family

 baby MilliAnna

Photo Credit: Brianna Worthy/Caters News

Baby MilliAnna Worthy is giving us all the feels with her extraordinary hair birthmark. The 18-month-old cutie was born with the same white streak of hair that the last three generations of women in her family have been born with.

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The unique trait was passed down from her great-grandmother Jaonne to her grandmother Jennifer to her mother Brianna. Talk about family history! Each of the women was born with the genetic trait, poliosis, that causes lack of pigmentation in a patch of skin or hair. The family isn’t sure just how far back it can be traced as the Jaonne was adopted, but Brianna was thrilled to have passed it onto her daughter.

baby MilliAnna & mom Brianna

Photo Credit: Brianna Worthy/Caters News

“My whole life growing up, I took it as a birthmark,” said Brianna. “I’m going to tell her, ‘you’re unique, you’re pretty, you’re beautiful.”

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