Joy Bryant Loved ‘Glorious Afro’ In New Series ‘Good Girls Revolt’

Joy Bryant

Photo Credit: Instagram/@JoyBeezy

Joy Bryant is set to star in Amazon Originals’ newest series Good Girls Revolt based on a group of female journalists demanding equal pay during the late ’60s and early ’70s. While she’s excited for the opportunity to play real-life civil rights activist Eleanor Holmes Norton, she’s also in love with the costumes and hair from the era.

In a recent appearance on ‘Conan’, the actress gushed about her character’s ‘do which was stark departure from her signature long ponytail look. “The ‘fro was so good. I mean, that’s reason to watch the show – that fro was like glorious!”

Joy Bryant X Good Girls Revolt

Her character was also pregnant, she said, which required getting used to her “new proportions” on set. “I had the afro and I had this big baby bump. I’m taller, so I’m clipping my hair on stuff then I’m bumping into [everything.] I felt like a human pinball machine!”

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Good Girls Revolt premieres October 28 on Amazon Originals.

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