Hype Chat: Tiffany Tattooz Talks Ink & Her Journey To Natural Hair

Tiffany TattoozTiffany Tattooz has steadily built her reputation in the competitive, male-dominated world of professional tattooing. Starting out of a shop in Newark, NJ, within a few years, the young tattoo artist with the wondrous curls, born Tiffany Perez, has already amassed quite a following—with a clientele that keeps her booked all year round—due to her exceptional skills with the tattoo machine. Her skills even landed her multiple features in numerous publications as well as a spot on the debut sea- son of Oxygen’s popular tattoo competition reality series Best Ink. Tiffany also now runs her own tattoo shop, Ink Gallery, based out of Woodland Park, N.J.

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How is someone with such a busy schedule able to maintain their natural curls as beautifully as Tiffany does? Hype Hair linked up with the Jersey ink slinger to find out. Read on as Tiffany also talks about what inspired her lionesque mane and how she keeps her skin looking so flawless.

—  Emmanuel Ureña

Hype Hair: You didn’t always wear your hair natural. What inspired your journey?
Tiffany Tattooz: Honestly, I was just tired of going to the salon every week to straighten my hair. I was spending so much money trying to maintain and keep my hair straightened and relaxed. That’s all I felt I could do since I knew nothing about handling curls. So, one day I decided to research curly hair products, and I found that there were a handful of curly hair products that actually existed. I bought a few products and gave it a try. I even watched a few YouTube videos on how people transitioned over to their natural hair, and I never went back to straight after that.

HH: What are some things you do to maintain your hair looking as great as it does?
TT: I put a mask called Salerm Hi-Repair on my hair every three days. It helps to keep my tangles away and hair soft. Instead of using harsh shampoos, I use co-washes from Ouidad or DevaCurl brands. Co-washes do not lather up in your hair like shampoo. Instead they come off as a creamy conditioner. Sometimes if my hair is really dry, then I will mix chamomile oil and coconut oil and let it sit in my hair to give it added softness. If you use the blow-dryer a lot, such as myself, to dry your hair, then be sure to use the cool setting. It will help reduce damage to your hair.

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