Hype Chat: ‘Greenleaf’ Star Desiree Ross Talks Hair Faves & How She Beat Heat Damage

Desiree Ross

Photo Credit: Nathaniel Taylor

Desiree Ross is an amazing young star on the rise. The 17-year-old plays Sophie on OWN TV drama Greenleaf alongside Lynn Whitfield, Keith David and Oprah, herself. Desiree was previously seen as Mira on Falling Skies and she starred opposite Dolly Parton in A Country Christmas Story.

We caught up with the actress to talk about her experience on the show, her hair and beauty faves and how she beat heat damage from on-set styling. Keep reading for more on the budding star.

Hype Hair: How has your experience been on the show and how has it impacted your career?
Desiree Ross: It’s been great. I have learned so much from everyone working on the show. It’s like free acting classes, because so much of the cast is made of award winners. Just being by their side and watching how they work, you start to try and replicate their work ethic so you can become better and that is what I have been doing.

HH: Is your hair natural or relaxed?

DR: I wear my hair all natural. On Greenleaf, they always have it straightened, so I’ve been thinking about maybe getting a Brazilian hair straightener. Usually, they use a flat iron which damages my hair so, I had them trim the ends every other week and my hair actually grew a lot. Before I had it trimmed regularly, it seemed to break and not grow far past my shoulders. Now it is halfway down my back wet.

HH: What is your day-to-day hair care routine?
DR: Because I have curly hair, I have to definitely wet it every day to get the curls going, and detangle so it doesn’t begin dreading. This is great, because I enjoy taking a long relaxing shower every day. Every morning in the shower I rinse and put in some conditioner and let it sit for five minutes, then rinse it out. Then I put in some leave-in conditioner or Bumble and Bumble Invisible Hair Oil. I finish it off by putting some Ouidad to keep my curls. Then I let it dry naturally.

HH: Do you wear extensions and if so, what advice can you share with our readers?
I don’t wear extensions, but I would love to give them a try some day.

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