‘ELLE Canada’ Celebrates Black Hair In ‘Natural Anthem’ Shoot [PICS]

ELLE Canada X Natural anthem

Photo Credit: SATY + PRATHA // ELLE Canada

ELLE Canada is finally getting into formation when it comes to celebrating black hair magic. Beauty editor Vanessa Craft and team pay visual tribute to black hair in the September 2016 fashion issue with a beauty shoot showcasing a range of hairstyles created by Justin German.

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The spread features six models hailing from Canada, Kenya and Burundi who are rocking everything from bantu knots and crochet braids to asymmetrical blowouts and finger waves.  Inside, the ladies also share their experience of being in an all-Black girl shoot and their relationship with their hair.

Craft called the shoot “a visual love letter to the girls I grew up with and the women we all have all become. Hair is such a hugely important part of our world and I wanted to celebrate it authentically.” She also pointed out that she has worn every style in tI have worn every hairstyle in this shoot at some point in

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ELLE Canada X Natural Anthem

Photo Credit: SATY + PRATHA // ELLE Canada


On being part of the shoot:
“It’s amazing. We are getting there; diversity is what we’re fighting for. [We need to do] more things like this.”

Favorite haircare products:
“Basically, oil and conditioner and masks. I like argan oil and coconut oil. I’m not picky [about products]. When my hair is wet, I just comb it. And then when I have time, I just let it air dry. It’s going to be frizzy I know, but in that way it’s going to be healthier.”

ELLE Canada X Natural Anthem

Photo Credit: SATY + PRATHA // ELLE Canada


On being part of the shoot:
“I’ve never been in a photo shoot where it’s all black people. Usually there is one black person and seven Caucasian women. We all come from different backgrounds and we can share stories together. And I kind of feel at peace because at other shoots, nobody would talk to each other.”

On her relationship with her hair:
 “My sister is a hairdresser. I started with braids. My mom wouldn’t let me wear a weave because she said it would be too grown-up for me. Grade 5 graduation was the only time I could wear one; it was a clip-on ponytail. In Grade 8, I got to wear a long weave. I loved it! I would get it sewn in. But I would have to straighten it and comb it out, or brush it out. In high school, I started wearing all natural. [Wearing a weave] is too much time. You have to maintain it.”

Must-have products:
 “I wash my hair probably twice a week. I use Moroccanoil shampoo and conditioner. I put more [conditioner] than I’m supposed to be, just to cover my whole hair, and then I wait two minutes and then I wash it out. Then I towel dry it and then let it air dry. After, I just moisturize it with a grease. And I always have Blistex in my pocket.”

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