7 Tips To Help Stop Your Hair From Breaking

Split Ends trim

Photo Credit: Tanecia/Shatterproof Glass Dolls

Get A Trim!
“The ends are the oldest part of your hair strand and are prone to split up the hair strand and break off, making your hair shorter in some areas!” Dr. Maclin recommends trimming at least 1/4inch of damaged ends every six to eight weeks to avoid even more breakage. If you can’t always make it to a professional, she said, “an easy DIY is to tightly twist small sections of your hair and simply trim off the ends.”

Keep Hair Clean
Dirty hair is a no go when it comes to healthy hair. If we’re doing the most with our hair, Dr. Maclin recommends that we wash hair once a week to remove excess product buildup.

“Many styling products contain heavy oils and waxes that coat your hair and can cause hair to break off,” she said. “Wash with a clarifying shampoo at least once a month. Contrary to popular belief, frequent hair washing does not dry hair out and is needed to reduce the risk of yeast and bacteria growth on your scalp. Scalp is skin and needs to be cleaned weekly at least!”

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