Get Flawless Skin With These Acne-Fighting Vitamins

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Healthy, glowing skin is not just about what we put on our faces. It’s also about what we put into our bodies. A good skin care regimen not only focuses on skin care products, but also what we eat and drink. Though you may be doing all the right things like regularly cleansing and changing your pillow cases, your diet may be sabotaging all of your efforts.

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Eating too much dairy, processed foods and sugars can cause embarrassing skin issues and breakouts. Luckily, there are vitamins and nutrients that can help reverse those negative effects and keep acne at bay. Who knew your shopping cart (or the vitamin aisle) could be the answer to your skin woes?

Click through to find out which vitamins and nutrients can help you fight and heal acne from the inside out and what foods are chock full of them.

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