When To Toss Your Beauty Products

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It’s hard to toss your favorite beauty buy. You searched and searched for the perfect tool and now you have to let it go. Maybe you only used it a few times. Or the color is discontinued. Let’s face it: all beauty products eventually go bad and need to be replaced.

Expired beauty products can become a breeding ground for bacteria and wreak all sorts of havoc on our skin, including breakouts and rashes. But how do you know when to let go?

For starters, if you don’t remember when you even bought that beauty find, chances are that bacteria have already taken over and it’s time to toss it. And, when it comes to expiration dates, think in months, not years. Keep reading for basic guidelines on how long your mascara, foundations and lippies can last – and signs to look for when determining if they are still good to use.

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