The Difference Between Hair Masks And Deep Conditioners

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Women with textured tresses are always on the hunt for moisture. Our hair can’t thrive without it and deep conditioners and hair masks help the hair to sustain that moisture well into the styling phase.

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For quite some time many people believed that deep conditioners and hair masks were one in the same. But, while both products may have some similarities, their purposes for the hair is completely different.

Deep Conditioners
Deep conditioners are formulated to soften and condition the hair. Deep conditioners are really great with providing more slip which makes it easier to detangle the hair before and after washing. Many deep conditioners claim to repair damage and make hair more manageable, but it really depends on the brand you use.

Hair Masks
Hair masks on the other hand are formulated to strengthen the hair from root to tip  They may not look that much different from a deep conditioner, so it’s important to find out what results the product promises.

In the end, it is all about knowing what your hair needs and what products it responds best to. If you’re having any difficulties on deciding what’s right for your hair, your best bet is to consult with a natural hair care specialist.

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