4 Tips That Work For Styling Low Porosity Hair


If you struggle with moisturizing your hair or suffer from wet, frizzy and matted hair after hours of styling, you might have low porosity hair. And, if you do, it can be quite the headache when it comes to managing your tresses.

I discovered that I have low porosity hair by simply paying attention to how my hair reacts throughout the washing and conditioning process. One of the tell-tale signs is when your hair takes minutes to fully saturate. My hair? It  takes three minutes to fully saturate with water. Another way to check is by placing clean strands of hair into a cup of water. If your hair floats, you’re working with low porosity hair.

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With low porosity hair, the hair cuticle tends to lay flat, which makes all the moisture sit on top of your hair, instead of locking in. An upside, however, is that once moisture is there, it’s retained for a longer amount of time.

While low porosity hair may seem like a burden, there is light at the end of the tunnel. There are a few tips I’ve learned along the way that have helped me tame my mane.  Click through for tricks to that work for styling low porosity hair.

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