Is Blow Drying Your Natural Hair Really A Good Option?

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When it comes to heated styling tools, naturals tend to look the other way. Common advice is to stay away from anything heat related because of the adverse effects it can have on the hair. While using a blow dryer or flat iron every once in a while may not be a big issue for some, it can cause irreparable heat damage, resulting in dried out, straight ends that won’t curl or coil back.

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But, blow dryers don’t have to be the enemy. Besides being a quick way to dry your hair, they are very good at getting rid of knots and nasty tangles — especially if you have thick and long hair. Less tangles means less breakage and we all hate to lose hair due to breakage. Stretching out natural hair with a blow dryer also helps achieve certain hairstyles.

The key is to use the proper heat protectant products on you hair and invest in a quality dryer with controlled heat temperatures to ensure you don’t fry out your hair. Also, pay attention to the state of your hair. If your hair is already dried out and damaged, adding heat is not the answer.

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But, while many people say that blow drying hair is not the best option, it’s all about what you feel your hair needs and how exactly you utilize the heat styling tool. I, personally, believe in using heat styling tool  as long as you use with caution. Still unsure? Consult with your local stylist to get an expert assessment.

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