Skai Jackson Is Inspiration Behind The New Black ‘Iron Man’

Iron Man x Riri WilliamsActress Skai Jackson has been known for inspiring #hairgoals with her larger than life textured tresses. Now, the teen Disney star is inspiring comic book goals as the face of the newest incarnation of Marvel superhero Iron Man.

In the new comic book – and, hopefully, movie! – Riri Williams is a 15-year-old science genius and MIT student who is tapped to become the next Iron Man after building her own Iron Man suit in her dorm and capturing the attention of Tony Starks.

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Drawn as a beautiful brown teenager with a giant curly mane, there was intense speculation around what current actress could fill the character’s shoes.

Mike Deodato Jr., the co-creator and artist behind Riri Williams, cleared up any questions when he tweeted that Riri Williams was based on the beautiful young actress @skaijackson.”

Skai, herself, was honored for the depiction. She took to Instagram to thank the artist.

“Thank you @mikedeodato ! I am so honored that I was your inspiration. I’m truly honored,” she wrote. “Young black girls can be superheroes too! #blackgirlmagic #skaisthelimit #ririwilliams #ironman #marvel 👊🏾

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