ORS’ #NoStereotypes Campaign Celebrates Black Hair Magic

ORS #NoStereotypesWe’re all about the celebration of African American hair – especially how the conversation has grown over the years to affirm our natural tresses. But, for some reason, being different is still frowned upon – even by our own peers. I remember just a few years ago being gawked at (at best) for a hairstyle that is now on-trend. And, let’s not forget about the debate on the quality of hair. Whose curls are bouncier, whose hair is longer, whose weave is better?

Well, haircare brand ORS Olive Oil is looking to change the conversation with its new campaign #NoStereotypes. More than just about loving the hair we grow, it’s also about celebrating our black hair magic – all the things that that make us unique – and how we express our diversity through our ‘dos.

The campaign features a series of videos of beauty influencers sharing their real life hair experiences based on their styling choices, from edgy shaved cuts and textured curls to new colors and braided updos. Coupled with ongoing discussions and events throughout the year, ORS aims to expose and debunk hurtful hair stereotypes that reflect larger stereotypes about black men and women. This includes a partnership with Café Mocha Radio as part of its Salute Her Tour. 

The movement “gives voice and emotion to many of the judgments we make about one another, and ultimately challenges us to rethink these hurtful actions,” said Shawn Tollerson, Chief Operating Officer for Namaste Laboratories, the makers of ORS™. “It’s a call to embrace and respect our unique beauty, and the beauty of others.”

The campaign is perfectly summed up in its tagline: “Beautiful hair comes in all types. Not stereotypes.”

Press play below to watch the campaign and visit ORSNoStereotypes.com for more hair stories and information on the campaign.

About The Author

Stephenetta (isis) Harmon

isis is digital media director for Hype Hair and founder/Black beauty director for Sadiaa Black Beauty guide, the top hair and beauty directory for women of color.