Hair Expert DeShawn Bullard Gives 5 Tips To Combat Hair Loss


Find A Multivitamin That Targets Specific Hair Loss Causes

Each case of hair loss is different, so discovering the root of your particular case of hair loss is essential to combatting hair loss and beginning the regrowth process.

“The first tip is to take a hair vitamin, but understand what type of hair vitamin you’re taking because there’s so many on the market.” said Bullard.

“Most people get stuck on biotin, but biotin only makes hair strong. If you’re having issues with thinning and hair loss, it [biotin] has no DHT (dihydrotestosterone aka hormones that promote hair loss) blockers or anything to help combat it. So, the first thing you have to do is take a DHT-blocking multivitamin… It’s understanding what’s in the vitamin to help you with your current issue because everybody’s issue is different. Take something internally that matches your current issue and your current problem that you’re trying to solve.”

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