Hair Expert DeShawn Bullard Gives 5 Tips To Combat Hair Loss

Thinning EdgesHair loss is like a deep, dark, dirty little secret that most people are aware of, but are often too scared to discuss openly. In fact, hair loss — including thinning edges and bald spots —  is an extremely common battle within the African-American community. So much so, that the American Academy of Dermatology has deemed hair loss an epidemic, as nearly half of all African-American women have experienced hair loss.

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NouriTress founder, salon owner and author of Booth Renting 101, DeShawn Bullard, took note and decided to do something to help her clients by creating her NouriTress collection. Equipped with a variety of hair products and vitamins, the haircare line taps into the root of hair loss and provides women and men with the tools to combat hair loss, repair damaged hair and even regrow stronger hair.

Since sharing is caring, Bullard recently shared five need-to-know tips to combat and reverse hair loss. Interested in learning more? Check out DeShawn Bullard’s hair loss tips.

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