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#ToolCheck: These Brushes Will Help You Blend Your Makeup Like A Pro

Bailey Wanted x Le Chic

Photo Credit: JanellePhoto/Le Chic BSB/Bailey Wanted

So many of my clients tell me how they have watched makeup tutorials and think, “okay I can do this, looks easy enough,” only to find themselves sitting in the mirror wondering what went wrong. Well, one of the most important things in creating a flawless look are your tools. I remember taking classes from the pros in my early years and could not quite duplicate these finished looks created by the masters. It wasn’t until I sat in a training with Master artist Sam Fine that I had my Ah-ha moment. It was the brushes!

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Some of you may say it can’t just be the tools, and you are right. If there is one thing tutorials did teach us, it’s that blending is the key. However, you can not get your blend on point without the proper tools.

Whether I am doing my own makeup, getting a celebrity client ready for an appearance or beating face for a photo shoot, I have some go-to tools in my kit, that I can’t survive without. Keep clicking to find out what kinds of brushes will help you blend like a pro!

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