What Every Black Woman Needs To Know About Sunscreen

black-woman-sun-care-tipsSunscreen is often the lone beauty essential omitted from the skincare regimens of women of color. For years, women of color have lived by the “Black don’t crack” mantra and used it to opt out of using sunscreen or any other form of protection from the sun.

As unlikely as it sounds, however, African American women with melanoma are more likely to die from skin cancer than Caucasians. According to skincancer.org, the 5-year survival rate for Black women with skin cancer is 73% versus 90% for White women.

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If the shocking statistics about Black women and skin cancer isn’t enough to make you go running straight towards the nearest pharmacy, the fact that sun exposure often leads to premature aging and wrinkles definitely will. Up to 90% of skin aging is caused by sun exposure. UVA rays, aka “aging rays,” are strong enough to pass through glass and can be emitted year round, and that includes gloomy, dreary days with little to no sunshine. UVB rays, dubbed “burning rays,” change the color of the skin and lead to sunburn.

To help beat the odds, click through five important things to know about sunscreen.

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