11 Times Celebs Gave Us Style Inspiration With Their Baby Hairs

photo credit: Instagram/@zendaya

Photo Credit: Instagram/@zendaya

Let’s face it. The art of styling our baby hairs will never go away. As long as we’ve got edges, we are going to lay them. That often means dabbing a bit of styling gel or edge control and smoothing down with a comb, a finger or an old school tooth brush. Remember the days of Chili and Missy Elliot?

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Today’s celebs are also known to take full advantage of those finer, shorter hairs along the edges. Just check out Zendaya’s recent selfie above rocking baby hair and cornrows. And, she’s not the only one!

From waves and scallops to curly q’s, click through to check out 10 more times celebs have given us style inspiration with their baby hairs.

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