Hype Chat: So So Def’s Newest Artist Miss Mulatto Talks Music, Style and Winning ‘The Rap Game’

Miss Mulatto x Hype Hair

Photo Credit: John Ricard

Hotlanta’s own Miss Mulatto won the hearts of millions after being crowned the winner of the Lifetime television series “The Rap Game”. The show — produced by hip hop mogul Jermaine Dupri — was an eight-episode rap boot camp of an experience, where the 16-year-old sensation showcased her amazing lyrical skills and earned a coveted recording contract with Dupri’s So So Def record label.

“I’m happy to crown a fellow ATLien and huge talent with the crown for Season 1. It was a grueling process and I’m proud to welcome Miss Mulatto to the So So Def family,” said the legendary hit maker of his latest music discovery.

We caught up with Miss Mulatto for an exclusive Hype Hair magazine photo shoot, and got her take on her early beginnings in music, her experience on “The Rap Game”, and all things hair and beauty!

— Karen Harris

Hype Hair: When did you know that music would be your chosen field and how did you get your start in the music industry?
Miss Mulatto: I started out as a really good writer in elementary school. My ability to write caught the attention of my county superintendent and I was opening up county meetings with a speech of my own at 10 years old. Around the same time all of this was happening, my dad was involved in the music industry by renting his cars out to rappers for their video shoots. He also managed a few artists previous to me. So, I grew up around music, but never showed an interest in it until eventually my poems and essays turned into lyrics for songs. From there it wasn’t hard to get in the studio and record my first song.

HH: What are the music projects that you are currently working on now, and how would you describe your signature sound?
MM: Right now I’m cutting and releasing singles following up to a major project. Not sure exactly what it will be (album, EP, mixtape etc.) but it will be dope
that’s for sure. Just be on the lookout.

As far as my signature sound goes, I’m known for having really funny, interesting metaphors and similes in my lyrics. I love the whole idea of word play and it definitely reflects in my music.

HH: Congratulations on winning the “The Rap Game”! How did you become involved with the show, and how was the whole experience for you?
MM: Actually I knew about the whole show around six months prior to us even filming it. We got a call from someone looking to film a kid rap reality show, but they didn’t know the name of the show yet, who the mentor was going to be, what channel it was going to be on, or anything. So, I guess I was one of the first picks for it. To my understanding, selections were based off of YouTube views and then a Skype interview to determine if you were a good fit for a reality series.

HH: You have a new recording contract with Jermaine Dupri, who has produced so many great songs over the years. What is it like working with and being mentored by him?
MM: I honestly love working with JD. His work ethic is craaaazy so that’s daily motivation within itself just to keep up with him. You also quickly understand why he’s known for working with younger people. It’s very hard working with kids and not many people can do it. JD is one of them that can.

HH: What is the best piece of career advice he has given you so far?
MM: Throughout the whole “Rap Game” process he always taught us to work like we were losing. Even though I won The Rap Game, I still apply that piece of advice in my everyday life as an artist.

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