Hype Chat: Natural Hair Whisperer Felicia Leatherwood Shares #HairTruth & Secret To Healthy Hair

Felicia Leatherwood X HairTruth

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HH: How do we achieve healthier, longer hair?
FL: You need a regimen. A regimen is always the best advice I can give for anything you embark on. In your regimen, you have your day that you take care of yourself. You have your product that you use that you know your hair loves and you have your techniques that you know work where you’re not touching your hair all the time. A regimen is so important when it comes to healthy hair and hair that is flourishing.

Another thing that we neglect a lot is that we don’t drink enough water. We need to drink more water.

HH: When many of us think regimen, we think of those “Black girls be like” and #BlackSalonProblems memes. How we do change that perception?
FL: I think the way we view wash day is where we fall short. We look at it as a chore and it shouldn’t be. This is why I’m really grateful to be a part of this campaign because when you watch the videos, you see it doesn’t have to take all day. It doesn’t have to be this experience that you don’t love or don’t like and you don’t have to be lost in which products to use.

You never want to work on yourself with a negative attitude. That’s number one about anything. One of the major factors in hair growth and healthy hair is that positive mental attitude. You have to have that. You have to speak kind to your hair and yourself and we really don’t think about that. It makes a big difference!

HH: How does this campaign connect to your own natural hair efforts?
FL: People know that I do natural hair and I love doing natural hair. I’m a natural hair nerd. I don’t just style hair. I [also] give the self-esteem part of things when it comes to hair. I actually talk to women and work on the emotional and mental state of where they are with their hair and how they feel about themselves being women of color and always being the one told that they weren’t good enough.

I’m not just a hairstylist, I’m more like your friend that you talk to and I support you in the most positive way. I think that’s what makes me stand out in the work that I do. So it was a great union between me, My Black is Beauty and the #hairtruth campaign because they care and to ask me to be a part of this means they understand that I care, too.

HH: Do you have any product faves from the lines?
FL: I have actually enjoyed all of them! But, I will say if I had to take two things on the plane with me and I would definitely say the Hello Hydration line is awesome. And also, I love the Head and Shoulders co-wash. There are a lot of us who have issues with our scalp – so fighting flakes and dandruff is a chore. With the head and shoulders co-wash it makes it so much easier. You get rid of that whole feeling of it being a chore – and the hair feels great!

HH: What’s your personal hair truth?
FL: I’m all about rocking myself. So, for me. It’s more about the fact that I am happy where I am. I emerged into my confidence by being a naturalista and by embracing what I have, so my hair truth has definitely been about confidence. It’s always been which is why I wear my hair really short because I want you to focus on what is the message that I’m giving you as someone who cares and as a natural hair stylist.

I really want you to understand that you’re beautiful, no matter what your skin tone is or what kind of hair you have. So I’m definitely about embracing what I have and being confident in that.

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