Model Mugshot: #PrisonBae’s Hair Is Everything

Sarah Seawright x Prison Bae

Photo Credit: Pulaski County Sheriff’s Office

In today’s hair foolishness, the Internet has been drooling over Sarah Seawright’s flawless mugshot. After being arrested this April in Little Rock, Ark. in connection to careless driving charges, she’s now stealing hearts as #PrisonBae.

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Of course, we’re not advocating learning how to take a flawless mugshot, but we must admit that her pic is pretty much everything. Seriously, who gets arrested with a smize, brushed eyebrows and tousled side-parted hair with perfect bounce?

While her hair may be on point. her criminal history sure isn’t. According to Pulaski County police records, she has also been arrested in 2012 for robbery, kidnapping, battery and more.

What’s even more foolish, is she’s not the first criminal to go viral. You may remember Jeremy Meeks who broke the internet last year as #hotconvict after being arrested on weapons charges. Well, he was released from prison earlier this year and has since gotten a modeling contract.

Twitter ran with the connection, calling Meeks and Seawright “crime’s hottest new couple”.

No words.

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