Cover Story: Teyonah Parris Talks Natural Hair Journey & Beauty Must-Haves

Teyonah Parris X Hype Hair

Photo Credit: Drexina Nelson for Hype Hair

HH: We’re obsessed with your natural hairstyles. They’re always so unique and creative. How do you and your hairstylists collaborate to come up with these beautiful, intricate looks?
TP: It’s certainly a collaboration! I am very blessed to work with amazing artists and truly, they are hair artists. DaRico Jackson, Felicia Leatherwood and Kangue Dioume are the three artists I pretty much stick with and they’re all so talented.

I usually just let them play. I’ll have them ask me if I want it up or if I want it down. As long as you use my hair texture, we’re good. Great! So it really is connecting and collaborating with hair artists. Artists in their own right, and just letting them play and letting them do what they want to do.

HH: How do you maintain your own natural hair at home?
TP: My hair care routine is pretty basic. I try to keep it in protective styles. I’ll do two- strand twists throughout my whole head and then pin them up and wear it like that. It’s nothing fancy. It’s nothing crazy or out there. It’s literally two strand twists pinned up. Then I make this concoction of leave-in conditioner, room temperature water, tea tree oil, ylang ylang, argan oil and Anu Essentials oil. I shake it up in a water bottle and mist my hair with it every morning and every night. Then, I’ll do Jamaican castor oil on my edges.

HH: What is the best advice that you can share with our readers about hair?
TP: When we see women in media and in life, and we see their hair, we sometimes want what their hair is doing. I think it’s important to relax and figure out what your hair can do. You may be able to accomplish that same style and you may not be able to. While our hair may look the same, all hair is different. Products take differently to everyone’s hair. So slowing down and investigating and figuring out what products work well for you is important.

HH: Do you have a personal beauty mantra that you swear by?
TP: I think my beauty mantra is that we’re all beautiful. It’s a matter of you accepting that and embracing what makes you unique and different from the next woman, but it’s still beautiful.

HH: Your skin is always so clear and glowing. What is your key skin care secret?
TP: Always wash the makeup off. Do not go to bed with makeup on and really treat your skin like a delicate fabric. Like you would treat your silk shirt. Just be easy and gentle with it.

HH: What are your makeup product must-haves?
TP: Number one is Skinn Orchid Primer. I love, love, love that stuff! NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer. Love that. I absolutely love Biore Charcoal Facial Cleanser. Unique Face Options Honey Almond is the bomb. And Chapstick.

HH: We love your Instagram pictures, so we can’t end our interview without getting your secrets on how to create the perfect selfie. Do you have any pointers?
TP: I have the same tips as anybody else: Take 50 of them and then look and pick the best one! [Laughs] And make sure you have good lighting. That is key. Good lighting. Outside or by a window, natural light is the best.

Catch Teyonah as Miki Howard, June 12th on TV One, and don’t miss her return to Survivor’s Remorse on Starz July 24th!

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