#FitnessFriday: 5 Fitspo Accounts To Follow On Instagram

Photo Credit: Beyonce.con

Photo Credit: Beyonce.con

Hate it or love it, social media has transformed the way we live our day-to-day lives. More than just a place to boast about our MCM’s and reminisce on #TBT, social media is often used as a means of achieving our goals, specifically fitness goals. Enter #fitspo!

Fitspo accounts have risen as the go-to guides for people in various places in their fitness journeys. Whether you’re just deciding to embark on a lifestyle change or are years into a tried-and-true fitness routine, finding motivation and staying encouraged can help make the decision to become the healthiest version of yourself a lot easier.

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Delivering way more than cute pictures and inspiring quotes, fitspo accounts often provide outstanding transformation photos, motivating exercise routines, meal prep deets and direct contact with experts fully equipped with fitness related know-how.

Whether you’re ready to kickstart a journey towards a healthier you, or are on the market for some motivation to keep your fitness regimen afloat, we’ve got 5 fitspo accounts to check out on social media.

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