This Is The First Thing You Should Do Before Installing Your Weave

Vema Couture

Photo Credit: Vema Couture

Maintaining an install requires the same amount of care – or more – as our natural tresses. Not only do we need to ensure the installed hair is up to par, we also have to protect our hair beneath the install or wig to avoid hair damage.

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There is one thing we need to do before the hair is even installed, said celeb stylist Vernon Martin, the man behind Erica Campbell’s hair line.

“I tell people when they first order the hair they should shampoo and condition the hair,” said Vernon.

This step may not seem like a big deal, but it helps remove any dirt, chemicals or even bugs that may have made it into the packaging. It also reveals the true wave or curl pattern of the hair before you have it installed.

He also shared the brands he swears by to ensure a clean and bouncy weave. Click through for his must-try shampoos.

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