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Get Your Glow On With These Black-Owned Body Products

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Photo Credit: Jamie Grill

As summer approaches, workout regimens are getting tougher and clothes are getting smaller. And, this summer, skin is definitely in!

While you’re ready to bask in the sunlight, you may still be searching for some good-for-your-body products to keep your skin soft and hydrated. As a makeup and beauty expert, I am gifted all sorts of goodies and love to test out pretty much everything that comes my way – especially the smaller black-owned companies.

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Luckily, I’ve found a few items that have given me pure skin glow, including amazing body scrubs and a skin-clearing facial serum.

Continue clicking to check out my reviews on 7 glow-serving body products and the benefits they can give your skin, so you can serve good body all summer long!

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