Hype Chat: ‘Empire’ Star Bre-Z Talks Breaking Into Film & The Therapeutic Powers Of Getting Your Hair Done


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Hype Hair: What’s your speciality?
Bre-Z: Just a clean haircut. There’s really nothing I can’t do. I’ve done designs. I’ve done color and things of that nature, braids. I’ve always been real rounded in that field. So, it’s really just whatever. At one point, designs was the speciality — everyone was coming to me for that.

HH: It seems cutting was more than a job for you.
Bre-Z: I just loved the satisfaction of making someone look good. You know, when you go get your hair done, you get your haircut, that’s like your therapy. For the black woman and the black man, especially, we’re not going into nobody’s office to talk about nothing.

HH: So, the barbershop experience is about more than getting a cut?
Bre-Z: Well, yeah, the minute you get hair your done, everything you were feeling just changes. And that was the joy I got out of being a barber. Because in 30 minutes, 45 minutes max, you’re able to change a person’s whole…everything. Just in one sitting. You don’t ever know what a person is going through, but if you give them a good haircut or a good hairdo they forget everything they was going through – at least for the moment.

HH: Do you cut your own hair?
Bre-Z: Sometimes. Not as much now. At this point, I just like to go to the salon and get it done.


HH: Is your hair relaxed?
Bre-Z: Yeah, it’s relaxed. I can’t be natural with finger waves! I just like that clean look.

HH: Now that you’re no longer behind the chair, who’s your go-to stylist?
Bre-Z: Well, I wanna shout out my stepmom Barbara Mayfield for sliding up these finger waves on me.

HH: So your stepmom hooks your hair up for you?
Bre-Z: Always. I can’t wait go back to Philly ’cause it’s different. Everywhere you go, hair is different. People do hair differently. LA is a bit of struggle.

HH: So who does your hair when you’re not Philly?
Bre-Z: I do have a two stylists out here that are both great. I lucked up on them. One is Ray D. and then I have another [stylist] Tierra who goes by the name the Beauty Freak. I love them they keep my hair right, but when I go home, you know I got to go see my fam.

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