Why Your Braids Are Itching (And How To Stop It)

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A fresh set of box braids, crochet twists and even a new wig are perfect go-to protective styles when looking for something simple and easy to maintain. This is especially true in the summer time when the heat and humidity could ruin your natural tresses or sleek look. But, then the itching starts. Or worse, you start breaking out with bumps. What the?!

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What some stylists (or your local braider) neglect to tell you is that those wonderful Kanekalon and synthetic extensions are coated with an alkaline base.

The good thing is the coating helps prevent mold and makes the hair heat and wear resistant. The bad thing is that many of us experience skin irritation and itchiness from it that can get so bad that it keeps you up at night. And, scratching and patting your head only seems to work for a little while, if at all. Ugh!

Well, now that you know why you’re all itchy, click through to find out how to prevent – or stop – the itching so you can enjoy the beauty of your braids.

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