Lil’ Kim Is Even More Unrecognizable Than Before

Lil Kim

Photo Credit: Instagram/@lilkimthequeenbee

For the past decade or so, rap legend Lil Kim has been known to go under the knife for cosmetic work. We’ve seen the original Queen Bee get everything from her nose and cheeks to lips and eyes worked on. No, we’ve never been blind to Lil Kim’s transition – we just hoped it would stop.

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However, in her most recent images on Instagram, Kim has unveiled an even more unrecognizable face. At first, it appeared the images were just lightened, airbrushed and modified via an app. Sadly, no. She also shared a video clip showing her in the same, um, light, with noticeably more bleached face and hair.

Naturally, the internet was shook and sounded off with their own with their opinions of her updated look, ranging from confusion and disgust to pity and empowerment. Since yesterday, more than 18,000 users have posted such comments as “no more plastic”, “Omg kim why??? ur so beautiful just love your self we all do ur perfect the way u are” and “Regardless what anyone has ever said to you please believe your melanin is was BEAUTIFUL. Learn to love the black skin God blessed you with.”

Lil Kim

Photo Credit: Instagram/@lilkimthequeenbee

In case you don’t remember what Lil Kim used to look like, here is a throwback pic from when she first hit the scene in the late ’90s.

Lil Kim throwback

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