Claire Sulmers Teams With Dark & Lovely To Launch #LoveMyColor Campaign

Claire Sulmers X Dark & Lovely Love My Color

Photo Credit: Marta McAdams

Fashion journalist and expert Claire Sulmers is arguably one of the most influential media personalities in the industry. She has been giving us #goals since she launched, feeding our fashion and beauty needs with intel on everything from who wore what to how to slay on a budget. Now, the fashion diva has teamed with hair brand Dark & Lovely to serve as ambassador for its #LoveMyColor campaign to celebrate the many shades of our beauty.

Centered around Dark & Lovely’s Fade Resist Rich Conditioning Color, the campaign encourages women of color to not “fade into the background”, but embrace their beauty and highlight their personalities and hair testimonies via a selfie generator and “hair dyeries”.

We caught up with Sulmers to learn more about the campaign, her own color journey and why #LoveMyColor is such a timely message.

Hype Hair: Tell us about #LoveMyColor.
Claire Sulmers: It’s an exciting campaign and I’m really happy to be a part of it. I think it’s perfectly timed for spring. I think women always want to change it up for the spring. Maybe, they’ll go lighter, maybe they’ll add a few highlights. We hope to encourage other women to be bold and make a change and standout in the crowd and try one of these fabulous fade resistant colors for the season.

Hype Hair: Why is the #LoveMyColor message so timely right now?
Claire Sulmers: This is the spring and summer of black girl magic and this is the season of us embracing everything. Our color, our hair, our hair type and showing people we are multidimensional and we’re versatile and beautiful in our different shades.

HH: What do you hope your readers will gain from participating?
CS: Most of the time we focus on the head-to-toe look, but I am really excited to see how they demonstrate the whole #lovemycolor hashtag we are activating and to see the many different ways that they interpret this new campaign.

HH: How does this tie into your own brand as Editor-In-Chief of
CS: It’s a great a fit for me as somebody who colors her hair frequently and has a bold and fearless style. I’ve never done a hair campaign before or anything in regards to my hair and hair color, so I think it’s a perfect fit.

HH: Tell us about your own hair journey?
CS: I have had locs for a long time. I play with a lot of different hairstyles – the mohawk is one of my favorites. I just try to have fun with locs and show versatility with the hairstyles. I think it speaks to Black women, in general. Our hair is so versatile. You can do so many different things with it. You can try so many different styles and colors and I hope that I encourage other women to do the same.

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