Naomi Campbell Shares Her Staple Beauty Tips

naomi campbell

When it comes to supermodel Naomi Campbell, it’s safe to say that we’re all wondering just how she remains just as youthful and radiant as when she hit the fashion catwalk in the late ’80s.

Is it a crazy expensive night cream? What about a few filler injections? Maybe an exfoliant filled with 24 karat gold? Nope. For the 45-year-old beauty, it’s all about picking up simple tips and tricks from the world’s best makeup artists, hairstylists, and photographers she’s worked with. And surprisingly, they are all quite simple and can definitely be incorporated into your own regiment.

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In a recent conversation with Allure, Campbell dished on her beauty routine, offering deets on everything from her brows to her nails. Click through to learn from the best!

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